“The human’s mission to achieve the freedom is not to stay in queue, rather it is to disarrange the queue.”

Che Guevara

An invitation from asylum seekers to every asylum seeker  who hears our voice.
This invitation is from several refugees who came out of their GUs and begun the street protests to shout out all the injustices and inhumanities that govern their life, because of seeing the slow death of refugees made by their terrible life situation, the mutation of their human dignity, the governing their life by the non-human laws and the living in the lowermost social layers.
This invitation is for you who live in these conditions, you who touch and feel this situation and have understood the necessity of fighting for that to change.
Now after passing five months since beginning of this protest movement our voice got laoder by disseminating to several cities and with awareness and preparedness of the German media community and people and also most of the refugees, a bigger and more pervasive step will be taken.
In this step all refugees from whole Germany who are dissatisfied with the conditions, in a harmonic movement that is being organized by refugees without interposition of any organization or party, will start their move on 08 sep. 2012 from Wuerzburg to Berlin, the destination where the media lifeline is and the place of deciding the laws that govern our life.
The move in the southern German cities will start from Wuerzburg in two directions and will continue in two ways, by bus and afoot, to Berlin. The roadway will cover the western and northern German cities and it will give you the possibility to join us if you live in these areas. Finally both of these two groups will be gathered in Berlin.
Our hope is to get louder with our voice with you joining us, and to be present in Berlin, the nearest distance to the addressed persons that we are shouting at. To shout out our human demands in a way that makes the German history books write about the necessity of observing human treatment in the year 2012.

-Abolition of the deportation law for a human being that left his_her country to find safety and freedom

-Abolition of the residency obligation which prohibits a refugee from leaving the residence that was assigned by the authorities.

-Abolition of the obligation of mass accommodations which prohibits a refugee from choosing on his_her own where to stay.
We are waiting for you to contact us for more information and speak out your unity with a movement that is for refugees, by refugees and for a better life.
We have to struggle side by side, fight together and taste a better life when it has been reached by ourselves.
The human can be imprisoned, but his_her mind continuously can find the open plains.

For more Information:

General Information (Deutsch, English, Persian, Turkish, French, Kurdish)
Email: strike.regensburg@gmail.com

Mohammad Kalali
Tel. : 017671080087

Omid Moradian
Email: moradian_o@yahoo.com
Tel. : 015233706273

Houmer Hedayatzadeh
Tel. : 015110990788

Houmer Hedayatzadeh
Tel.: 015110990788

Ashkan Khorasani
Tel: 017679837911

Arash Doost

Omid Moradian
Email: moradian_o@yahoo.com
Tel.: 015233706273

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