The first independent declaration of walking group of the Protest March

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight against you, but in the end you win.
The now six months lasting protests of refugees that have expanded to most parts of Germany have yesterday stepped into a new phase. On Saturday the refugees and their active supporters gathered in Würzburg to march from there to Berlin. They are protesting against the ruling laws made against refugees.
After a demonstration with around 450 participants about 60 protesters started their march to Berlin. Step by step they break the chains of Residenzpflicht (Residence Obligation Law). They once more demonstrate that humans do not accept chains. They prove that people are able to feel in solidarity with each other security and peace, and that they are able to struggle for a better world.
The long and hard path requires determination and continuous engagement for a change that will surely come. The protesters and their supporters are demonstrating this by each step: Their determination for change, their determination to struggle and their determination to win.
The Marching Protesters to Berlin
September 9, 2012

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